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Flower Care

Closely inspect your flowers upon arrival. The packaging should be intact and the boxes should not be crushed. Bunches within the box should be strapped and not smashed. If there is a problem with the appearance of the flowers, take pictures and contact your distributor immediately.

Carefully unpack the bunches, and :

Flower Care Step 1




Recut the the stems 3/4" to one inch from the bottom of the stem and be sure to cut the stem at an angle to allow the flower the best chance to take up water.




Flower Care Step 2



Use a sharp knife or sharp floral cutter or scissor. Avoid smashing or piercing the stems, as this can destroy the water vessels in the stem and prevent water absorption.





Flower Care Step 3



Place them in clean containers with fresh water. You should keep the water level high to promote long lasting flowers.

The container’s water has a fresh flower food added to it. You can use flower hydrating products such as chrysal to further nourish the flowers, keep bacteria at bay (which can block the stems and prevent them from absorbing water), encourage buds to open, and lengthen the life of the rose. It’s one of the best—and easiest—ways to extend the life of your flowers, but be sure to follow the directions on the package correctly.

Improperly mixed flower food can actually do more harm than good.


 Flower Care Step 4Keep the corrugated wrapper that protects the heads of the flowers in place until flowers are fully hydrated and ready for use in an arrangement.

Be sure to remove any foliage that fall below the waterline when refreshing your arrangement. Recutting the stems often will give your roses the longest vase life.

Always keep the flowers in a cool, well ventilated area not exposed to direct sunlight. Flowers should be kept at very low temperatures (but not freezing !) until ready for use. However, if you want their blooms to open quickly, temporarily place them in a warmer spot (Note: not hotter than 80 degrees Fahrenheit). Once arranged, Most flowers prefer temperatures between 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 22 degrees Celsius) and are best displayed away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents, directly under ceiling fans, or on top of televisions or radiators, which give off heat and can cause flowers to dehydrate. Avoid placing fresh flowers near ripening fruit, which releases tiny amounts of ethylene gas that can age them prematurely.


 If your roses begin to wilt, or are severely dehydrated, you may be able to revive them. Trim off about an inch from the bottom of its stem and then submerge the entire rose under water in a sink or bathtub. Allow the stem to absorb water for about 20-60 minutes before returning them to their vase.