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Cotopaxi & Cayambe Rose Farms

One of Native Blooms´ distinctive features is that its two high altitude farms are nestled in the slopes of the Cotopaxi and Cayambe volcanoes, benefitting from the unique microclimates of the two finest rose growing regions in Ecuador. These microclimates allied with proprietary cultivation techniques allow for the superb quality our roses are famous for.

Rosas del Cotopaxi

Rosas del Cotopaxi was the first farm to be developed by Native Blooms. Situated in the Cotopaxi district, south of Quito, at an altitude of 2.850 meters, the area is well suited for long stem production and vibrant colors.

After the success encountered with Rosas del Cotopaxi, Native Blooms acquired the Exxide farm in Tabacundo.

Exxide Farm

Exxide is situated in Tabacundo, in the Cayambe district, north of Quito, Ecuador, and was originally one of the pioneer rose farms. At an altitude of about 2,800 meters, its mild climate favors the production of  reds and colors, also benefiting from crystalline water flowing from the peaks of the Cayambe Volcano, which majestic views can be enjoyed from the property.

 We would also like to point out that both farms are located on one of the earth’s closest points to the sun, providing near perfect growing conditions where our world renowned roses are produced. Being closer to the sun maximizes luminosity helping our roses to grow straight, fast and tall and give blooms their bright tones.