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Native Blooms

One of the pioneering rose farms in Ecuador, Native Blooms was founded in 1996 by a visionary and passionate entrepreneurial family. 

From the onset, the primary objective has always been to grow and market über quality fresh-cut Ecuadorian roses whilst maintaining the perfect balance between the artisanal rose growing tradition, nimble size and the latest technology respecting and protecting the environment.

One of Native Blooms´ distinctive features is that its two high altitude farms are nestled in the slopes of the Cotopaxi and Cayambe volcanoes, benefitting from the unique microclimates of the two finest rose growing regions in Ecuador. These microclimates allied with proprietary cultivation techniques allow for the superb quality our roses are famous for.

Native Blooms is proud and honored to have won the trust of the most respected and select floral merchants in the world´s leading markets on five continents. This has been possible through a combination of a proven record of reliability, the highest quality standards, and detailed, personalized service, valuing long term relationships as the foundational principle of our trade.

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