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Environmental & Social

Native Blooms Day Care

Native Blooms takes pride in protecting the environment and its own workers, and does so with an array of certifications and initiatives :
Native Blooms has the official Florecuador certification and BASC certification. It also has invested in initiatives such as day care centers and sporting facilities at its farms.
Finally, Native Blooms takes an active part in its community with a donation program for local chuches and organizations. If you have an organization you are currently supporting by means of flower donations, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will be honored to collaborate.


It is our policy to take care of our employees, we provide our employees with cafeteria and healthy food each day. While the parents are at work we take care of their children in a day care center until they are of school age. The day care center can host 20 children in each farm.

 Native Blooms Day Care

The Medical Clinic

Native Blooms dedicated tremendous efforts in fulfilling all the benefits required by national labor law such as Social and Health Security Insurance (IESS). In addition to this we provide to all our employees free medical check-ups and medical supplies at our clinics. 

Medical Clinic