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Visit Us & Take a Tour of our Farms!

Native Blooms has the pleasure to invite our valuable customers and interested parties to visit our farms upon prior appointment. We can arrange for transportation from the airport and accommodations. A guided tour will be provided by our engineer explaining the process of growing the roses, and the visitor will get the chance to see around 60 different kinds of varieties.We will provide our guest with a scissor giving them the opportunity to cut their favorite rose and take a bunch to take home.

Harvest Native Blooms

The Growing Process

1) The first step in growing roses is by preparing the soil. The soil conditioning is by digging and mixing organic compost with rich volcanic soil, and all the essential nutrients for strong, healthy and beautiful flowers.

2) Once the preparation of the soil is done, the root stock plants are implanted into carefully prepared planting beds. When the rose bush roots have deepened, then each individual plant is grafted with a different variety. A grafted rose is one where the bud eye of the desired variety is attached. The grafting process is done by specialists with many years of experience.

3) For the rose to produce high quality flowers and to meet our standard it takes around 3 growing cycles. When the plant enter their adult lives after 12months, It will take around 85 days to produce each rose, all depending on the variety, sunlight conditions and season.

4) When the plants become productive, each flower will be inspected before harvesting, ensuring that the flower is cut at the right moment and meeting our quality standards.

5) Hydration is one of the most important steps during harvest; it helps the rose last longer and to maintain the quality. The hydration process is done immediately after the roses are cut and it takes around 10 minutes for the flowers to be transported to the post harvest.

6) Once cut and hydrated, the roses enter their last stage in the post-harvest before being sent to their destination. In the post-harvest, the roses are inspected one by one for quality, and graded according to length bud size, stem thickness and straightness, foliage cleanliness, and finally packed carefully under refrigeration.