A More Exclusive Brand

Native Blooms boutique production has traditionally been sold through a tight knit network of established floral merchants. This presents an opportunity for new distributors to carry a product that no other competitor has in the area and offers a great differentiation opportunity.

High Standing Order Fulfillment Rate

Native Blooms fulfillment rate with standing orders is a stellar 100%, something few other growers can guarantee.

High Quality & Reliability

Native Blooms quality claim rate is among the lowest, with extremely few botrytis or other quality related issues.

Customer Service

Native Blooms has a low customer to sales rep ratio, as we put the emphasis on personalized service. A stronger relationship between the farm and the buyer allows for better communication and mutual growth.

Flexible Pricing

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Native Blooms believes there must be a beneficial relationship between price and value, and has designed an attractive pricing system that takes into account market fluctuations and customer competitive pressures so that both our distributors and ourselves can build a sustainable, long term focused business.

Freight Options

Native Blooms is in the business of growing quality flowers and delivering them in the most efficient way to its customers. For that reason, we give our customers the option of working with us either organizing their own transport, or providing them with solutions up to miami, new york, la or other destinations worldwide.